Mastering is the last creative step in the production process. Mastering allows the producer or artist one final chance to correct problems in the “overall sound” of the album or CD.  Mastering can help correct subtle problems or enhance the sound of your project, however a great master starts with a great mix. Many people have misconceptions of the mastering process. Here are a few:


Misconceptions of Mastering


• Mastering can’t fix the relationship between all instruments like a mix can.

• Mastering will not fix problems related to production, such as timing of instruments and pitch problems.

• Mastering can only enhance sound, not fix a poor sounding mix.

• Clients expect Mastering to be the end all, be all to production, when in reality it’s more like the last 5 to 8 percent.


Mastering your project doesn't have to be a complicated scary process. Give us a call and find out how we can help take your project to the next level.


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