I have owned and operated commercial recording studios for more than 35 years, and I can honestly say I have never worked with anyone who was more professional and more knowledgeable about all aspects of recording/recording studios than Skip.  From re-soldering  a faulty component to designing an entire studio, troubleshooting your vintage analog console to installing the latest software, Skip does it all . . .  and he plays piano!  We are very grateful to have him doing tech work for our busy 3 studio facility in Houston, keeping down time to a minimum.

(Mike Mikulka, Lucky Run Studios)

Working with Skip was truly an honor. His knowledge, efficiency and experience is second to none in my experience. He was kind, patient and truly went beyond the call of duty to make sure I was ready to roll before he left. It’s a gift, I will always be grateful for. He took the time to fill the many gaps in my knowledge so I could be successful. He took my studio to the next level. His work ethic and abilities are undeniable. His ability to meet me at my level and bring my vision to fruition was truly exceptional. Thank you so much.

(Asher Simon ,Las Feliz Studio)

Skip designed, wired, and integrated all the technical aspects of my studio and made it all function flawlessly.  This was an enormous project with many custom and non-traditional components to the infrastructure but he magically made it all work and look amazing as well.  Few people could have done what he was able to accomplish.  He's also one of the most honest, knowledgeable, and hard working people I've ever had the good fortune of meeting.  I wouldn't recommend anyone other than Skip for this type of detailed technical work.

(Raman Bual, Baumhaus Studio)

I have employed Mr. Burrows for technical wire design, installation and integration of all equipment in a high-end recording facility, as a maintenance technician, as a recording engineer (both tracking and mixing) and as a co-producer on an album project recording my large jazz ensemble. He is the epitome of the quadruple-threat who not only does it all but, does it all extremely well. His attention to detail is exemplary as is his passion for creating appropriate solutions to any acoustic situation. I have also spent time in an amazing recording studio he designed and outfitted. I cannot stress enough the huge advantage there is in using a first-rate engineer to help you design a recording studio that is ergonomically laid out for optimal work-flow.

(James P Waller, University of the Incarnate Word)


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